Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sun sun sun ..... that is what is awaiting in Thailand! but what of the advetures of the last week or two?? We have had a good relaxing time here in England. We took a plane to Brussels in Belguim last weekend, the trip was really good but I have to say that Begium is let down in big way by the French speaking people! they would have to be the rudest people on the planet! but that is enough of that. We arrived on friday and had a bite to eat in the Grand Market place lunch was ... well ... interesting to say the least the menu that was thrown down on the table was in french and dutch and the waiter was unwilling to assist us with thetranslations even though he spoke fluent english. So I ordered 'toast canibale' (I know what toast is) it came out to the table four halfs toast with some salad on the side. Spread on the toast was a mixture of raw beef and pork mince with some capers and parsley. So being the culinary evil kanevil that I am I ate it, even Claire gave it a go. I wasnt bad it was actually quite bland ... so I splashed some tabasco over it and cleaned it up! Over the next couple of days we checked out the city and went on a day trip to Brugge which is an old town towards the coast. We enjoyed the beer and chocolate in Belgium. On our last night we went into a little pub and met some really cool people, a newspaper editior from Norway and a couple from Antwerp. We spent a couple of hours talking and laughing with these guys and before long I had consumed about six beers (good beers) I didnt think this was alot but the beers came in litre glasses! woo hoo.
We then came back to England and headed to North Wales to visit the relatives, who were most welcoming! we had a really good time it was good to catch up with family that I have not seen for around 9 years! We were welcomed in to the Ogwen valley by a snow storm, Claire was not to impressed and asked me where on earth I thought I was taking her. The weather did not really improve the entire time we were in Wales but it did not snow on us again!
We left North Wales on friday and travelled to Clutton which is between Bristol and Bath. This is where Tracy and Russ have bought their pub the 'Railway Inn' we spent the night with Tracy and Russ and had a really good time there pub is really cool! I while there I had some traditional english 'faggots' you may laugh but Russ recomended them! (they were not to bad).
We are back with Claires loverly friends Tess and Grahams and are having dinner with them tonight before we fly to bangkok for phase four of the adventure! see you soon! Photos to follow shortly.

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